interlübke, Product Design

At imm cologne 2017, architect Philipp Mainzer debuts storage system jorel for interlübke. The collaboration is a highlight in the German manufacturer’s 80th anniversary year and Philipp Mainzer’s first design realised outside of his function as co-founder and creative director of furniture brand e15.

With its clear, architectural form, storage system jorel by Philipp Mainzer combines visual art and function. The reduced design is based on geometrical shapes and plays with the composition of irregular partitions which emphasise the precise fabrication, introducing a new world of materials for interlübke.

As a sideboard or standalone piece, jorel is characterised by overlapping fronts and a vertical cove allowing access to the content of its doors and drawers. With a focus on high quality craftsmanship, the fronts and sides are an impressive 4mm slim and feature a range of pure materials such as lacquered HPL, glass, aluminium and stainless steel. The understated top cover can be customised to match or contrast the verticals, resulting in an intriguing interplay of materials and numerous options to create different appearances. Available in 12 different combinations with drawers, hinged and sliding doors, jorel can also be wall-mounted or serve as a room divider, meeting a variety of different needs.

At the Iconic Awards 2017, jorel was awarded „Best of Best“ in the category Interior Innovation / furniture.

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